Amazing! Get Immediate Results on Social Networks !!! Low cost.

Hello friend, you are about to put your hand on a Special Program, the secret of the success of various companies in Social Networks.

I know that you have already invested and frustrated with the construction of customers through Social Networks, possibly already paid to have 1000 followers, as many companies promise. I also know that because of this, it’s hard to believe another promise. But I’ll prove to you that Zero7’s New Follower Acquisition Method works, and you can have a SOCIAL NETWORK with AUTHORITY.

Three years ago we discovered this method of Authority Generation in Social Networks, which is effective in selling services and products. One of the first entrepreneurs we helped was Mr. Marcos who was looking for a more efficient management of his company’s social media branding. With a little over 160 followers, possibly friends, we made a jump to 1,800 followers, who interacted much more with the Page’s publication. I thought, if it works for branding, it should work for sales.

And then, I replicated the method on 3 other clients, where the focus was sales on social networks. And the result was better than we expected! Sales at customers’ virtual stores rose 35 percent on the first week. And that was just the beginning of our history with Efficient Social Media Management. If it worked for branding, and for sales it was even better. Surely, we knew we were on the right track.

That’s when I discovered the cat’s leap. Every time a sales publication generated a current sale, and every 60 people who viewed it, we sold 10. I made the decision to “pay” for more people to see this publication. I remember as if it were today, we paid R $ 389,00 so that, 4000 people could see the publication, and of course, gave the logic. 812 people have bought this product from customer. Our client even joked – we’re going to have to stop, I can not handle everyone.

If you calmly analyze these examples that I gave you, you will realize that these entrepreneurs, already in 2016 were ahead of their time, we were already talking about social networks, but it was not so much for sales, as today it is much more efficient than a door-to-door salesman. Being ahead of the ‘competitor’ was what caused sales to explode in the first few months.

But what came so right? It was luck? It was not luck. It was the method applied in social networks. Good text + Good Design + Good Product. Recognized as BBB Method. Using a more informal language, aimed at the right audience, an attractive image and an extremely high quality product, we have won followers, true fans of the brand. And the Marcos that at the time only wanted branding, started to sell also through social networks. Today his billing is 2 million month, with his franchise in the fastfoods area.

But after all what is the Generation of Authority in Social Networks? It is the application of the BBB Method in their social networks, first in an organic way, later making impulses in the publications that generate organic results. And it works as follows, knowing the product, adjusting the language with the consumer public and generating content in social media. The main goal is to get to know your customer, impersonate and replicate it.

What will you receive Authority Generation on Social Networks?

Social Networking Management

Your network will be taken care of by specialists in different areas, from 'branding' to graphic design, to building striking texts.

Graphic design

A specialist designer will be at your disposal to create advertising materials for your social networks in special cases.

Advertising Copywriters

Specialist in writing advertising articles for blogs, websites and social media. He will know how to talk to your consumer audience.


Customers are there

62 million access Facebook every day, only in Brazil. And half the population, at least once a month. Then it is certain that your client is in it.

Low cost and excellent benefit

I know allied to the low cost in acquiring new customers, plus focus on the right network for your business. Brings immediate and incredible results to your business.

Competition may be preparing

I also know that your competitor may be working to find a solution for social networks right now. I do not know you, but I'm not prepared to lose sales.

Far beyond followers

I know you do not want a ghost follower, who only shows up every 30 days and just likes it, and leaves. You seek engaged, participatory followers to generate authority and sales.

A Proven Effective Method for Growing Your Authority in Social Networks.

I know you’re wondering what the cost of it is? The original value of the Program is $1,890.00 monthly, but if you sign TODAY, we are 70% OFF. Only $490,00 monthly.

1 – I know the value of products well:

Being very sincere, we rely on the capacity of our products, the high power of engagement of a well-planned social network, guaranteed success in sales on the web.

2 – I know that there are many people who can pay and recover the amount invested:

My value proposition is like a certainty, that the person who pays, has the ability, with sales, to get a return on investment.

3 – I know that who pays, is more committed and make it work:

It is extremely natural, who pays more, really wants things to work out right. In this vision, I understand that customers improve their product, service and after-sales.

I know that many entrepreneurs, frustrated with past decisions, or even present difficulties, did not or did not want to make such a high investment. And that’s why I decided to opt for such an affordable value. I know that you will be able to invest little, and have a high return in a short time.

I run the risk of being repetitive, but if you intend to triple your billing, you want to have followers engaged, and a social network that really is a successful seller for you on every computer, tablet or smartphone in every home in Brazil. Social Media is a powerful sales tool, the disposition of your business.

If you spend the next few years trying to emulate only sporadic tastings on social networks, it will be virtually impossible to convince your client that you are able to solve his problem or that your product is better than the competitor who has social engagement. And good social media management makes a difference when it comes to explaining how you’re going to solve your difficulties. Over time, perhaps, a competitor of yours, is preparing to dispute the sale with you.

Is the cost expensive?

Not! Our prices fit into the pocket of any size of company. It’s an affordable price for you. I know, that helping you grow, I grow together. And that way I can help more entrepreneurs leverage sales, generate value and gain authority on social networks.

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I recommend the professional team for the ethical and professional manner that has been taken care of in ACS TRAINING. They have always conducted this relationship with great seriousness.
Avelino Carvalho
ACS Industrial Training
Highly recommended! Our growth in social networks was only successful when Rodrigo's agency took over. I am grateful to him for another 12,000 followers who interact with our fanpage.
Carlos Madruga
Insurer Bene LTDA
My Instagram is a success, due to Franz's commitment to managing it. Congratulations, for punctuality and seriousness. Lica Modas is grateful for the growth in sales with its strategy. Thank you!
Luciana Vargas Teixeira
Lica Fashions

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A Proven Effective Method for Growing Your Authority in Social Networks.

I know you’re wondering what the cost of it is? The original value of the Program is $1,890.00 monthly, but if you sign TODAY, we are 70% OFF. Only $490,00 monthly.